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Need help editing the Statement of Purpose (SOP), scholarship application, and other admission docs?

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This is not any other consultancy. Our only focus is to secure an MS/Ph.D./ or an intern position for you and help you pave a straightforward and successful route to reach your maximum potential. Together, we will make this work.

I’ve studied in various countries, including South Korea, Shanghai (China), the USA, Denmark, Sweden, and Mexico, without paying a single penny from my pocket.

I understand how challenging it can be to secure a 100% scholarship, and that too with a monthly stipend. I have secured a full scholarship for my studies in all those countries and have also assisted many of my close friends in achieving the same.

This motivated me to establish a consultancy to help as many students as possible in obtaining scholarships for their studies.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for. Feel free to drop me an email or a message on our Instagram/WhatsApp handle.

Please note all of these sessions are 1:1 on a video call.

We have divided the entire guidance into six different packages.
After your payment has been processed, you will receive appointment details via email. Please ensure that you enter your contact information accurately.
You can always reach out to us with any query on our Business Whatsapp.
Package 1.

General doubts?

Let’s have a detailed discussion about your doubts.

> No idea what to do? Or where to start with?

> How to apply to foreign universities?

> How to secure funds for your studies?

>Tips for Statement of Purpose (SOP) and scholarship applications.

Which country should we choose? Is the USA the best option, or are there compelling reasons to consider Europe or Asia?

I currently reside in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Of course, it won’t be restricted to this, as queries vary from person to person.”

1 session, Rs. 3500 = ~$ 45

Get an Intern:

This package is particularly well-suited for students who are in the second or third year of their Bachelor’s degree program or in their first year of a Master’s degree program.

At foreign universities, professors often prioritize assessing your skills and abilities over your grades when evaluating your performance. The internship could secure your future MS or Ph.D. position, or even lead to your first job abroad.

> We will guide you to draft a full cover letter.

> Help you to find a suitable professor and university ABROAD.

> Teach you to find a related professor in your field.

>Having more questions, shoot!

1 session, Rs. 4000 = ~$ 50

MS/Ph.D. | SOP & Scholarship|

The statement of purpose (SOP) is an extremely important document in your admission application.

Just in case you have low grades, a well-crafted SOP can significantly impact admission committee decisions.

The question ‘Why should you get it?’ on a scholarship application has been known to reject thousands of applicants.

We will have a detailed discussion about your:

> SOP and help you to edit it thoroughly.

> Scholarship application

> Letter of recommendation (LORs)

> More doubts, No problem.

1 session, Rs. 5000 = ~$ 60

Package 3.1
MS/Ph.D. | SOP & Scholarship|

The main distinction between this package and Package number 3 is the number of sessions included. This package offers three sessions, and each session can be extended to a reasonable length based on the individual’s needs.

All the documents will be closely reviewed thoroughly. It includes:

> SOP,

> Letter of Recommendations (LOR),

> Scholarship application,

> Literature review,

> Research questions and research proposal.

> Other docs

Rs. 10000 = ~$ 120 for 3 sessions.

Package 4.
leaving India or your home country ?

Having a lot of doubts just before leaving your home country? What to bring, what not to bring, how to find accommodation, Are there any part-time jobs? A lot going on in your mind?

When we move abroad for the first time, we often have numerous questions and concerns. Having lived abroad for nearly ten years, I can provide detailed explanations and address your queries. Whether it’s about the visa process, finding an apartment in a foreign country, or knowing what items you can bring from India, we can comprehensively discuss your doubts.

Book 1:1 session.

1 session, Rs. 3000 = ~$ 40

Package 5.
Guarantee Admission

It is common to feel lost and uncertain about which direction to take in life. This is a normal and natural experience that many people go through. In this package, we will provide guidance and support right from the beginning. We will assist you in navigating through the uncertainties and help you find your path.

> Step1.We will thoroughly examine your profile.

> Step2.Plan the whole year’s activities for your ABROAD goal.

>Step3. Preparing all kinds of documents that you might need for your MS/Ph.D. admission.

>Step4. Admission Offer letter.

Validity: 1 year, Rs. 95000 = ~$1155

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